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Learn more about us and our history with
being a locally own business and operation.


Golden West has been proudly providing professional vending and coffee services to businesses throughout the southwest of Montana for 26 years. Our sustaining goal is to provide the best in class quality products, equipment and services to all of our valued clients. To better serve our clients Golden West has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and software to guarantee that Golden West can meet its commitment to our customers and bring best in class service and products in a timely, safe and efficient manner.

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1740 Holmes Avenue
Butte, MT 59701
Office Hours: 8am-5pm

At Golden West Vending, we believe that smart vending solutions begin with a comprehensive and continual understanding of our client’s needs. To find just the right solution – Golden West utilizes a consultative process to understand goals, develop solutions, and achieve results. We begin with an evaluation of your current program and then create a program proposal to help design a program around your unique needs and objectives that combines the products and pricing that are right for your business with the needs of your employees. We work tirelessly to ensure our vending solutions are dynamic, evolving, and in sync with the changing tastes of your employees.


The workplace dynamic is changing as the millennial generation continues its climb as the biggest age group in the workforce. With that change comes other changes too, like how 53 percent of those aged between 18-34 expect to alter their eating habits for the better in the next year. 91 percent of people overall regard the nutrition label before making a food or beverage selection. Health isn’t a current trend; it’s an overall shift in consumer behavior that’s here to stay.

Healthy food choices are easily supported by Golden West vending service. Our healthy selections – is a direct response to the current state of the food and beverage landscape and available in traditional vending machines and micro markets. Healthy choices are easy to make when people have the options presented to them in an appealing, accessible way. Our vending solutions are the best of both worlds – healthy, handmade food prepared locally, and the indulgence category, which is still very relevant to consumers. A little chocolate never hurt anyone!


A Micro-Mart is a small version of a self-contained store that merchandises and sells a variety of snacks, beverages, fresh sandwiches, salads and fruit bowls as well as other selections as requested. Micro-Marts are an honor based system located within a secure area and provide food and beverage for purchase by employees that work in large office complexes or in a manufacturing plant. A Micro-Mart is not managed by an employee but provides an electronic check out system that can accept cash, credit/debit cards and other forms of electronic payment like Wallet. These are serviced daily and inventory replenished. The old days of a wall of vending machines in the break room is a thing of the past.


As a full line vending service, a Service Representative is assigned to serve personally as your day-to-day point of contact with a hands-on approach to managing and maintaining your vending program. Our focus is on understanding and monitoring your employee’s tastes and keep the machines stocked with their favorite snacks. Our goal is to take care of a problem or situation – before you even know it happened. Through our dynamic scheduling and service processes, we take a proactive position on service. Whatever your company’s vending needs, Golden West Vending would greatly appreciate the opportunities to serve your company’s vending and coffee service needs.


Golden West coffee service offers a variety of coffee programs that can fit the many unique businesses in the Southwest Montana area. That’s why we have varied, flexible coffee program options to fully meet the needs of our customers with individualized attention, service and product lines. We provide all the essential office coffee and tea service items, including creamers, sugars, stir sticks, paper products cups, premium teas, coffee and lots more.

Create a cafe in your break room with a commercial-grade office coffee service brewer designed to deliver premium flavor. Tailor your office coffee service program with your ideal coffee brands from a local roaster favorites like Treasure Valley. There are no minimum orders required.

Golden West Vending of Bozeman

105 Bridger Center Drive
Bozeman, MT 59715
Office Hours: 8am-5pm

(406) 586-1591

Golden West Vending of Helena

2636 Bozeman Ave
Helena, MT 59601
Office Hours: 8am-5pm

(406) 442-2795

Golden West Vending of Butte

1740 Holmes Avenue
Butte, MT 59701
Office Hours: 8am-5pm

(406) 494-3200